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frelianprincess's Journal

set me free, leave me be
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you loved me 'cause i'm fragile
• morgan lianne
• 21
• avid house fan
• pretty much fantastic

likes: singing. theatre. roleplaying. writing. making up interpretive dances to the mulan soundtrack. snarking. worshipping satan. ...whoops. shouldn't have told you that.

fandoms: house. lost. supernatural. the office. twilight (for the lolz). harry potter. lord of the rings. star wars. american idol. so you think you can dance. wicked. pirates of the carribean. gossip girl. one tree hill. sailor moon. wedding peach. gundam wing. dragon ball z. spring awakening. disney. legally blonde. songs for a new world. batman. x-men. spiderman. rent. rocky horror picture show. dr. horrible.

the music: showtunes. billy joel. nickelback. rihanna. chris daughtry. queen. journey. kelly clarkson. carrie underwood. pink. sara bareilles. leona lewis. one republic. coldplay. the wreckers. rascal flatts. paramore. taylor swift. train. katie perry. daft punk. john mayer. tim mcgraw. the carpenters. weezer. the temptations. thrice. bon jovi. flogging molly. michael jackson. michael buble. frank sinatra. bobby darin. lifehouse. britney spears. josh groban. joni mitchell. beatles. anna nalick. alicia keyes. the all-american rejects. backstreet boys. beyonce.

when i thought i was strong